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Have you noticed an increase in some of your favorite produce or brands of honey ?

information about honey bees california

Why are the bees disappearing?

Why Are The Bees Disappearing?

Have you noticed some of your favorite produce or brands of honey have recently gone up in price? It's not just “Buzz the Cheerios Bee” that disappeared back in 2017. Unfortunately, we are seeing a drastic decline in the bee population worldwide. There has been a 60% reduction in the bee population from 1947 to 2008. In 2019 a 40?crease in population was reported in a single winter. This has left scientists scrambling to figure out what is plaguing our helpful pollinators.  

In 2016, seven species of Yellow Face bees native to Hawaii, were placed on the endangered species list. As of March 19, 2019, that number jumped up to 18 endangered species of bees globally. With half of those being listed as critically endangered. 16 species of bees are being categorized as vulnerable and on the brink of being listed as endangered, if something is not done to change their course. You ask why, what is killing our tiny friends?

First on the list are pesticides, such as neonicotides, along with specific fungicides that are particularly harmful to the bee. Neonicotinoids are a class of chemicals that were previously outlawed due to their devastating the central nervous system of animals. Depending on the bee’s degree of exposure to these chemicals, effects can range from difficulties with flight & navigation to an inability to acquire new skills. These result in this majestic flyer, being left confused & convulsing on the ground for HOURS, until eventually succumbing to death. During the Trump administration, the US government thought that it would be a good idea to re-release this cruel toxin back into the environment. While hiking, my King and I came upon a group of 50 bees or so on the ground, all convulsing in a pile. It nearly brought me to my knees to find so many innocent lives in so much unnecessary pain. There are alternatives when it comes to the decision of what pesticides should be used in our agricultural areas. Bee Amazing says to the US government, “please Bee Better!” There are also fungicides that when combined with pesticides have a compounded effect increasing the overall strength & creating an even more lethal impact. We need to demand that the needs of wildlife be kept in mind when choosing what chemicals are used by the agricultural industry.

Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. Pesticides and fungicides are just the primary way mankind is directly responsible for the decline of hives & the overall bee population. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is the other leading cause to the drastic decline in our global bee population. Most concerning about CCD is that scientists do not fully understand its cause. Colony Collapse Disorder occurs when the adult worker bees become lost while away from the hive, leaving behind the queen and infant bees to fend for themselves. Colony death soon follows. The average loss per year due to CCD has seen an increase, roughly doubling from 15% to 30%. Scientists are extremely concerned about CCD and what it could mean for mankind as well as the bees.

I wish I could tell you that was then end of our little friend’s plight. That if we could just solve those two things the bees would be fine but unfortunately that is not the case. Bloodsucking parasites are next on the list of what plague the bees. The Varro mite carries a virus that causes the bees to lose wings and legs effectively leading to a decrease lifespan.

These are just three leading factors to the decline in our global bee population. Yet there are so many more as of 2020 we now have Murder Hornets terrorizing beehives in Washington state. Irresponsible over collection of honey can be just as deadly as anything else listed. Many people don't realize that honey is food for the bees to sustain themselves throughout the winter. Please check your honey source to make sure they have bee friendly practices.

I know all this information makes the situation look bleak. That's why I created Bee Amazing & Bee Blissful Coffee. Bees are not the only ones that need help. People could use a little guidance these days as well. That's why the mission of Bee Amazing & Bee Blissful Coffee is to help create a flourishing environment while inspiring people to live their best lives.

*Every bee used as part of my bee totems has been thanked for its service and sacrifice. The work of my non-profits is my apology to Earth for my part in her destruction.

information about honey bees california


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